Friday, September 24, 2004

A primate in the trees

Not quite two weeks ago, I found a local conservation area. It's not all that far from here and I can get to it from where I work at lunch time fairly quickly and easily. I've been there about a half a dozen times in the past couple weeks. Nice nature paths through the trees.

Yesterday and today I was out there for half hour walks in the forest. It's absolutely lovely. The trees are beginning to shed some leaves, but by and large they're still green. But I got a little daring in the last couple of days and started indulging myself by walking barefoot in the forest. I was a little reluctant because I figured I'd get cut up or something, but I remembered times in the past I'd done it and how pleasant it was, so yesterday and today I struck out right from the car. It's amazing how friendly the paths are. Warm, soft sand; cool, moistclay... pine needle floors, smooth wooden planks over gullies... it really is an experience. If you want to connect with nature in alow-key kind of way, Ihighly recommend it. Don't be shy, give it a try. I'm going to do this sort of thing more often.

Today I thought ahead and brought my camera with me. I took some really great pictures... about 170 of them, I think. Point and shoot, point and shoot, point and shoot. I'm looking forward to reviewing them when I get home.

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