Friday, November 25, 2005

Soda yah think I'm gonna write about pop?

I've always been a Diet Pepsi man. For as long as I've been drinking diet pop instead of the sugared stuff, this has been my standard. I like the taste of it better than 'regular' Pepsi, which I prefer to 'regular' Coke. Bottom of the list is Diet Coke. To me, it takes like weak battery acid with sweetener.

The reigning champion...

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine brought over a couple of 2L bottles of Coke Zero... which I admit, I'd never even heard of before. This stuff is a sensation! It tastes 95% like 'regular' Coke. They're actually using the original formula, just replacing the sugar with aspartame. I drink a lot of pop, so I burned through a 24-can raft of the stuff in about a week. Well, it's sure a nice change. But I still find Coke a little harsh. Pepsi goes down easier. It's a little more palatable. So Diet Pepsi still wears the crown around here. But! It has a definite rival now. If Coke has any sense, they'll deep-six Diet Coke and replace it in every restaurant in the world with Coke Zero as quickly as possible. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a... flavour.

Okay... sorry about that. :)

The challenger

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katherine said...

LOL, fun post! I believe you could blog about anything and it would be entertaining. : )