Saturday, November 19, 2005

What the autumn's brought...

Takin' it easy

Don Valley Parkway southbound

Gardiner Expressway westbound

Can we peek in the windows?

Passing the ACC

Only yuppies must be able to see the Lake!

Passing SkyDome ("Rogers Centre", as if...)

Passing the Prince's Gates at the Canadian National Exhibition

Something new

Eastbound on Lakeshore Blvd.

How many points would we score for this guy?

Northbound on the DVP passing under the Bloor Viaduct

Passing under Millwood Road

Union Jack, Don Mills Road northbound south of Eglinton Avenue

Celestica (IBM) building at Don Mills and Eglinton

Behold the power of hay!

Sunset over Highway 7

Sunset towers

And their partners

Clouds lit by sunset over Don Mills Road

What's up?

Southbound on Don Mills Road

Southbound on Don Mills again, same location, a week later

Low skies

"Ninty-Nine Years On the Road" -- good slogan for a traffic jam

Looks like Pa Cartwright finally traded in his horse (be funnier if the plate said "Nevada", but hey...)


Masnick96 said...

Sigh...made me homesick ;-)

Lone Primate said...

Hi... that Mason or Nik? :) It's a curious comment coming from Denver. Your tag was familiar but I'd forgotten the details (my apologies... I've added your blog to my list so I remember to keep current). I thought perhaps you were an ex-pat but as soon as I checked your link I remembered who you were. Well, I'm gratified someone looked at that pointless melange of photos and got something out of it... thanks for justifying the effort in putting all that together. :)

Masnick96 said...

Nik here....anytime :-) Thank you for the comment on the blog BTW, got me thinking...

And your phtography is always worth the effort!

Lone Primate said...

Thank you for the comment on the blog BTW, got me thinking...

Heh, about what? Moving to Seattle or getting Massachusetts to secede and join Confederation? :)

Apparently Vermont just had the first secessionist meeting in a legislature since 1861, in hopes of resuming the Republic of Vermont (1777-1791). Who knows? And the lights all went out in Massachusetts... they brought me back to see my way with you...

A thinker said...

Thanks for the pictures, lone primate. It's so nice to see "home". . .