Sunday, December 11, 2005

C'mon down and getcha head blowed off!

I've been an afficionado of hot sauces for about five years now. I love really hot stuff, especially when it adds a nice flavour to something. I've been making the trek out to St. Jacobs for years to the Salivation Corporation in the farmer's market there in town. Now who would have supposed that a hot sauce joint would be in a farmer's market in rural Ontario? But there it was.

Recently, last July, they opened a store right here in Toronto, at 375 Danforth Avenue. I went down there in the summer looking for my favourite sauce, which I ran out of in the spring and have been sorely missing. At the time, they told me it was unavailable. But lately I checked again and they do indeed now stock it. So I went down there yesterday and took this picture for you.

Taste: the 4th Sense (375 Danforth Ave.)

When I got there, I made a beeline for my sauce. Grabbed it, took it to the counter. The woman behind the counter made a noise of surprised warning, but I quickly assured her I was aware of what I had, and had been a longtime customer of theirs in St. Jacobs. The guy at the register made me sign a waiver — they require it for this sauce — and I made my $16 joyful purchase. Used the stuff last night in a soup. Fantastic.

And this is the stuff I've been missing: Z Nothing Beyond. And you too can snag a bottle at Taste: the 4th Sense... if you dare. >:)


katherine said...

Okay, the thing that's sticking with me here is ... they make you sign a waiver to buy hot sauce?! There must be a reason for this ... though I'm not sure I really want to know. ; )

Lone Primate said...

They do it because a lot of people are just out to show off, and don't realize just how dangerous the stuff can actually be. There's easily enough capsicum in a bottle of Z Nothing Beyond to scar a person's esophogus and probably ulcer their stomach. If you go dumping it on wings the way you would a supermarket hot sauce, you're going to wind up in the emergency room. They just don't want to be liable if anyone is that careless.

Ferdzy said...

I suspect it's a little bit of an advertising stunt... and it makes the point. Be careful!

Anyway, I'm posting this here as you visited my blog (Wow, thanks!) and asked about Meeting House Organic Farm. They are located up near Wingham. They run a CSA in the summer, but they don't deliver as far down as I live, never mind Toronto. They do freezer orders of meat, but you generally need to order at specific times (fall, or spring) but if you contacted them now they might have some things left. They are Fran and Tony and can be reached at mcqufarm (at) hurontel (dot) on (dot) ca, when reassembled to avoid the spambots. You should at least be able to get on their emailing list.