Friday, December 09, 2005

What light through yonder window breaks...

I knew there was going to be snow this morning, so I got out of bed pretty directly. But when I looked out the window... wow, what a pretty scene. Couldn't help myself. Had to spend the time to capture it. Who knows when all the right circumstances will be in place again?

I've been lamenting lately that I don't use the Rebel XT enough. I spent a lot of money on it, but about 90% of the time I just use the Kodak P&S I carry around. Not this time. This was going to be one of those shots I bought the XT for in the first place.

So there I was in an amusing outfit... slip-on dress shoes, track pants, and a zippered flannel jacket, out on the snowy balcony, setting up the camera and the tripod. Meanwhile, wasting the time I should be using to get to work in inclement weather. But I had to see if I could get it.

I took six shots. The first an accidental exposure that's essentially black with a some light spots. The second was an 1/8th of a second exposure. Not much better. Then I took four better shots... 4-second exposures, ISO 100, f4.5. The best of the bunch you see here.

The shots themselves were a little darker than what you see, and bore a pronounced orange cast. They looked more like Hallowe'en shots than Christmas ones. So I corrected for that in Photoshop... used curves to tone down the red channel, and to promote the blue and green. I got an effect I was happy with, and I present it here. Sucks to drive in. But it's sure pretty to look at; that it is. :)

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katherine said...

Feels like a snow globe. The way the edge of your balcony rail seems to connect with the buildings to the left gives it a bowl feel. I like it!! I like it very much! Nice way to shake up a snow pic. ; )