Saturday, December 31, 2005

Context sensitive

It's been about six months since I've been here [N.B. March 6, 2011: This post was originally made on LiveJournal]. That's because I started a blog in May. I've been concentrating most of my efforts there. It's a little more interactive than this and that's kind of what I've been after.

So today is the last day of 2005. It's the last day of the first year without Jody in it. That only occurs to me now because I've happened to come back to this journal to glance it over. That in itself demonstrates the value of things like this.

Jody's dad isn't well. The course of his cancer has pretty much reached the point where he's counting down the days. He's very brave, very matter-of-fact about it. Maybe that's just how you get when you really face it; I don't know. He might have been joking, but in one e-mail, he speculated that he was expecting to die around January 27th. I believe that was the day of the Apollo 1 fire that took the lives of Ed White, Gus Grissom, and Roger Chaffe. He's been encouraging me to get in touch with his other son, Jason. He hasn't come right out and said it, but I think that's so Jason will be able to tell me when something happens.

I remember Jason when I was in Dallas. Pretty sage for a guy so young. He didn't seem quite sure then what he wanted out of life -- who's supposed to at 23, 24? -- but he sure knew what he didn't want. He had some pretty high ideals for the US that I think might eventually see him leave the country... though I'm not sure any land could really measure up. But then, without our idealists, there'd be no progress at all.

Down to the mundane... what's today supposed to be like? P-Doug and Ge and I are supposed to get together for a movie and dinner. Larry might or might not come along. He's hard to read these days.

I have a new job. Starts mid-month. It's literally upstairs from where I currently work. No joke; it's a longer trip into work simply because a two-floor elevator ride is involved. Must be one of the smallest transit changes involving working for a different company in history. :)

I should probably check in here more often, though I'm not sure why. Does anyone read this thing? I doubt it. But I hate the idea of abandoning it. Firstly, it's kind of a link back to Jody. Secondly, suppose I let it languish and they delete it or something? Thirdly, suppose someone does show up?


crankycoyote said...

I'm still here and listening, at least. I didn't know you had another blog elsewhere, or I'd have been checking in more often.
I'm sorry to hear that Jim is in such a bad way. We haven't really stayed in touch; I guess there's some painful memories on both sides there, and I don't know what to say any more. If there's anything he needs or wants that we could help with, let us know.
Do you have Jenn's current address? I have a quilt that she needs to get.

palabrajot said...

Still here, Boss! Just nothing to say.
Oh, Happy New Year too!

tchall said...

Likewise, I'm still here as well.
All the best and I hope you'll have a very Happy New Year as well.

gallara said...

Um, a blog?
I thought this was a blog :) I hope you do check it anyway, I still want to talk to you.