Saturday, February 18, 2006

Casa Loma forecourt

Casa Loma forecourt
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Here's irony for you. I took this shot today with a digital camera I've had for nearly eight years, and essentially retired five years ago. I don't think it's been on since 2001 or maybe even 2000. But I noticed some of its shots were poor, but kind of painterly. They've been getting praise for that -- formerly a deficiency -- on Flickr. So, I decided to resurrect it and see what I could do. I took this shot at Casa Loma, obviously. It's not as abstract as I'd hoped (turns out I need to use the lowest quality setting to get that effect), but strangely enough, it seems to have come out as a nice, compelling shot... from a digicam predating the megapixel age. Who would have imagined it. :)

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Polt said...

Good photo. Brought back pleasant memories. I loved Casa Loma, but it's been probably 6 years since I've visited it. Must try to make it up there the next time I get to Toronto.