Friday, November 09, 2007

PM's fine with foreigners killing us

At least Stephen Harper's consistent. Last year, when Israel was bombing the bejezus out of Lebanon and blithely killing anyone and everyone it could, regardless of civilian status or nationality — more to point, when they were killing Canadian civilians in Lebanon — our prime minister's response was, hey, no problem; snuff away; I understand.

Now, when the state of Montana is about to execute Canadian Ronald Smith — sentenced, it should be pointed out, for a pointless double homicide 25 years ago — in spite of years of standing federal policy in Canada, the Prime Minister's reaction is, once again, hey, no problem; snuff away; I understand.

Who is this man who purports to head our government, but won't utter a word or lift a finger to defend our lives abroad? When we find ourselves at the mercy of foreigners determined to kill us, however we come to that circumstance, the least the head of our government ought to do is fight for the inalienable right to live that we have recognized as a human right in this country for generations now, regardless of how other people see it.

If Stephen Harper won't defend the lives of Canadians, wherever they are, then when the time comes that his government faces a similar judgement, I hope he'll have the courage of his twisted convictions and will smile and say to the electorate, hey, no problem; snuff away; I understand.

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