Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, that's straightened out...

Ages ago, when they forced us to tie a Google account to our blogs, I managed, somehow, to use the wrong one. I've been banging my head over it ever since, because not only did I have to sign in with a counter-intuitive name every time I wanted to blog, but I had to do it every time I wanted to comment on someone else's, too.

So, this morning, in anticipation of someone possibly joining my blog as a contributor, I decided to do some housekeeping and transfer my blog to the right account. Unfortunately, the blog now attributes two and a half years of my posts to the other account... and, I suspect, every comment I've ever made out in the blogosphere. But oh well. :)

Anyway, I suppose I should go mention it on the handful of blogs out there I frequent.

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