Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stop! Nerd Time!

Okay, so, I was at The Three Monkeys with P-Doug about two weeks ago — this was after coming back from Brimstone — (wow, that sounds like a Hemingway novel, doesn't it? Back from Brimstone...), and while we where there, a woman dropped a pen. Well, I'm a whore for pens. So I waited till she left, then I darted and scooped. Score! Awesome pen! Maybe the best pen I ever found. Nice feel, good grip, solid heft, smooth flow, and black, black ink... like India ink. I was in love.

Naturally, I lost it within days. Well, I knew I would. Which is why I took careful notice of its make and model. It was a GR8 Roller, by Zebra. I went looking for it and was delightfully surprised to discover that, yeah, I could get it in Toronto. Grand & Toy carried it, but didn't regularly stock it. The outlet at Markville Mall wanted me to order a dozen at the cost of nearly $40. I like this pen, but not to the tune of a dozen. Luckily, the outlet at Centerpoint Mall offered to order as many or as few as I wanted. I ordered four. They arrived last night and cost me just over twelve bucks. Three dollars seems like a really good price for this pen.

Have a nerdtastic day. :)

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