Saturday, December 15, 2007

Photoshop nerd panic

Ten, eleven years ago now, I used to work in an electronic education company, animating characters in a primitive marriage of Adobe Photoshop (version 3.05 at the time) and Macromedia Director 4.0. One of the animators I worked with, a guy from down east named Neil (nicknamed "Slo-Mo" for his habit of animating characters with an excruciating series of in-betweens that slowed the sequence down like the Six Million Dollar Man running "fast") was an absolute wizard with Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. One that I never gleaned and always envied was his deft ability to instantly dart between one layer and another, just by quickly pounding the keyboard. Well, I finally learned the shortcut. To go up, it's Alt+]. To go down, it's Alt+[.

I don't think you care, but I do... I wanna be able to look this up when I forget. :D

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