Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The very latest in weird dreams

Last couple of days I've had three dreams that I can remember. Here's what I can recall...

This morning's dream was about places I know well that looked different from what I remember. It was December, but unseasonably warm, so I was in the jean jacket, peddle pushers, and sandals again. I was going to my old university library. I remember there was a collection tray for some charity at the bottom of some stairs (that have nothing to do with the library where I went to university), and people were dropping loonies and other change in. I dug in deep, hauled up a big fistful of change and dumped it in. I went up the stairs, looked around in the stacks for a while.

Afterwards, I took my DSLR out with the 300 mm lens because I could shoot off Bayview Avenue bridge down to the old one (which is actually not a bad idea; I should give that a try). Then I decided to get both bridges in the shot, so I pulled back to the heights of the university (oddly enough, York University does have a campus in the vicinity, but I went to university nowhere near there). I set up the shot and noticed there were all kinds of kids, dressed for winter, lining up and falling over backwards off the bridge and the bank into the water. It was like some kind of weird "polar bears" thing, except with heavy clothes on. They were having a blast, waving to people taking pictures, and falling in again and again. I think the idea was to get in the papers or something.

...Yesterday, the first dream I had was about catching a mouse in some small apartment above a storefront. The mouse tried to bite me and get away but I held on. It turned out the mouse could talk, but in a voice that was believable for a mouse. I talked the mouse into being a pet, since I could assure him a soft option in life. I remember a long conversation but I don't remember its nature. He was afraid of my cats but I assured him they weren't hunters and were no threat. I have the impression that near the end, the mouse was discontented with it all and wanted his old life back.

The second dream was about coming home to some well-appointed home, and finding a homeless man had broken in and was asleep on a settee near the door. I woke him up and told him to leave, but he wouldn't. I threatened him with outside assistance, and I picked up the phone and called my dad, who worked for many years as a security guard, and loudly asked him what I should do. He gave me a phone number with three numbers, two numbers, and two letters. I asked what the letters were for and he said they were a security device so that not everyone would be able to dial that number. Uh, yeah, okay, whatever... made sense in the dream. Well, both I and the homeless man knew that if I dialed that number, I meant business, so, cowed, he left as I ended the conversation with my dad.

And there you go. A lot of significance with not much sound and little fury, but a whole lot of nothing. :D

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