Monday, December 17, 2007

Weird dreams for everyone!

Okay, I had this strange one this morning. I was in this older suburban neighbourhood, and there was a dog living in a tree. Not like up in the branches, but a big hollow cavity in the trunk, like some kind of snack stand, you know. And part of the opening was glazed… someone had put a pane of glass in it. The dog could get out above and below it, and lived inside the space with a squirrel. The dog came out and joined us on a walk. Didn't belong to anyone, but was accepted as member of the community and the people kind of looked out for him. Or her.

…Okay, it's not exactly War and Peace, but it was delightfully weird. And more like the kind of dreams I had when I was a kid, that were more about my yearnings than my fears. A welcome change.

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