Sunday, October 07, 2012

16th Avenue bridge... in 3D!

As indicated last week, the deck's been completed across the creek. What I was finally able to see was the strange spectacle of the old Bailey bridge now completely covered by the new one. Except possibly at sunset during mid-summer, the Bailey bridge that has stood under the sky since probably the mid-1950s will never see direct sunlight ever again.

Clicking on these images should bring up slightly larger versions. If you're prepared to cross your eyes a little, you should be able to see the views in three dimensions. The images were shot with the Fuji W3, a display model I bought used from a camera store in Buffalo last winter. I've been making increasing use of this camera and while it's not my daily haul-around camera (that's the Canon S100), I'd have to say it's now my go-to camera for recording things I want to eventually offer to the provincial archives. 3D cameras will soon enough be the norm, but just for now, I'm an early adopter who'll leave posterity views they couldn't otherwise have, and that's important to me in doing this at all.

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