Friday, October 19, 2012

MP workflow

Just if anyone's actually interested, this is what's involved, and why half an hour of shooting can imply three or four hours of a Saturday afternoon... and why it was worth my while rescuing the portable drive last night. :)

  1. Take photographs while running PhotoTrackr hardware to log locations (later automatically matched to timestamps in photos).
  2. Dump photos into appropriate camera-specific directories.
  3. Use PhotoTrackr software to transfer log files to computer.
  4. In Millennium Project directory structure, create new date folder inside appropriate location or event folder in the MP directories. Create new location or event folder if necessary.
  5. Create 3D subfolder inside date folder if any photos or videos were taken with the W1 or W3.
  6. Copy all pertinent 2D photos and videos to date folder, and all 3D photos and videos to 3D subfolder.
  7. Use Stereo Photo Maker to export left and right views from the 3D MPO files (in case MPO format is “lost” in the future and not directly readable). Not currently bothering to do this with the 3D AVI files because they can at least be natively viewed in two dimensions (the left channel displays).
  8. Use PhotoTrackr software to geotag any JPG or CR2 files that do not include a geotag natively from one of the cameras. No currently possible for MPO files directly, to the best of my knowledge. If necessary, use PhotoMechanic to blanket-adjust photo timestamps if there is significant discrepancy between log and camera time stamps (log is considered correct because it’s correlated with GPS satellites); repeat geotagging process.
  9. Convert all CR2 files to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter utility (banking on open source DNG format to outlast Canon’s proprietary CR2 format in the long run).
  10. Use PhotoMechanic to add structured keywords to all applicable files (JPG, DNG).
  11. If necessary, using FileSplitter or Fuji MyFinePix Studio to trim videos to pertinent clips.
  12. Back up MP (haven’t been doing this).

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