Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a view!

In conjunction with the map location updates I just did for the previous post, I noticed this, below.

Talk about your front row seats for development. These folks must be just over the moon. Interestingly, this is only visible at certain resolutions. If you pull back just one notch from what I was viewing this at, above, the planned road path simply vanishes. Makes me wonder what else I'm missing if I'm not looking closely enough on these views.

This is quite close to the second bridge in the previous post, which would be just to the south of this view (here it is in greater context). The extension of James Snow Parkway, which has existed for a long time further to the north in Milton and has been slowly creeping southward from its interchange with the 401, is, in my opinion, a much-needed enhancement to Halton's infrastructure. This part of Halton Region is rather poorly served with north-south links. There are no major north-south roads between Hwy 25 and Trafalgar Road, and few enough that ably cross Sixteen Mile Creek without risking head-on collisions on dinky bridges that served the needs of farm communities at the turn of the last century feasibly well. James Snow Parkway will connect the 401 with the 407, where Neyagawa Boulevard now currently ends. I'd like to be there to watch this bridge vault the Creek, but it seems a bit remote from any easy public access, so it might just go up without my being able to record it.

A bit sad to see that home will have to go. As long as I've been taking shots of this area, dating back to the late 90s, it's at the end of their driveway I've been parking. One more for the history books, I guess.

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jim said...

Yes, those displaced homeowners couldn't possibly be over the moon!