Friday, May 27, 2005

Chocolate appendix

In my entry about what I got up to when R-Lang was here, I meant to make a note about the chocolate, but I neglected to. What happened was, just after I got back from the airport, I threw most of it down the chute. Wasted money. I always do that. Buy stuff I shouldn't eat, eat a little of it, get guilt, and throw it out. It's a form of idiot tax; a tithe to a lack of willpower up-front.

I still feel awful about yesterday. I'm thinking about taking another wander in the woods this afternoon at lunch time... we'll see. It may rain, but even that would be a new experience.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to Jane and Finch to photograph the street signs for R-Lang... his didn't come out. Then I want to see about getting down to the old intersection of Morningstar and the 427, take a few shots. You know me; I love that kind of thing. Old roads, unused bridges. Hey, there's the old 9th Line bridge near Upper Middle Road and the Ford plant out in Oakville... maybe I could make a day of it. Again, we'll see.

I've decided not to go to Hamilton tomorrow. I should call my folks and let them know. Put it off till mid-June when I know I can cover the maintenance fees on the car.

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