Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend weirdness :)

Before I forget, I want to record a weird dream I had last night. Remember that guy from Third Rock from the Sun, the communications guy who used to say "Incoming message from the Big Giant Head"? Well, in my dream, he was running some little space-themed tourist spot I was visiting. He seemed really nice and personable, enthusiastic about what he was doing and helpful to folks. He started the spiel with that line from the show, too. Quirky little dream. I barely remember it.

Anyway, this weekend I didn't do much. I took off Saturday morning to photograph the Jane and Finch street signs for R-Lang. While I was there, I walked a little ways up Jane St. and saw a sign for the Montego Jerk restaurant. Someone had rearranged the letters of the special to read "JERK ME OFF", and I got a shot of it. Okay, juvenile, but I got a good laugh out of it reviewing the pictures later. I also went to the bridge at Morning Star Drive over the 427, and took a few pictures of what used to be the intersection there in the middle of the superhighway. Part of the road surface the led up from the highway to Morning Star was still there, but all cracked up and beginning to grow over. I still find it utterly amazing there was ever a stoplight there, but there was. I stopped it myself, years ago, when Alan and I used to visit Brad in Malton and get off the highway there. That chunk of dying pavement was a road we drove up and down, dozens of times.

Sunday I just stayed in. Rained pretty hard for a while. I just drew, watched movies, ate too much, goofed off. Well, it was Sunday, after all.

I've heard good things about Madagascar lately... the animal movie, that is. Both R-Lang and Alan (guy at work here, not my high school buddy) both give it thumbs up. I might go and see it cheap tomorrow night. Maybe I'll suggest it to P-Doug and G.

Oh yeah, at one point, Larry was over. Brought his new MST3K DVDs. They were pretty funny. Rum, otter chow. All in all, a good evening.

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