Monday, May 02, 2005

Come First of May... oops, missed it

It's the lusty month of May. It's not very warm yet, though. It was hailing a few minutes ago as I sat in a phone meeting. Outside, I mean. The hail, that is. Not the meeting. Anyway...

Friday I went out with P-Doug and had pop and bruschetta. Cost me about eight bucks. We talked for a while, but nothing gelled for the weekend. I had my heart set on going to the Anglican Book Centre and he was talking about going the following weekend when he'd have money. For me, I'd have even less by then. Mostly, I think, I just wanted to do the subway adventure.

G, apparently, we keen to get out of town and do some driving. So, Saturday morning when we all touched base, it was clear to me it was a loss to make it all work. So I wished them well, got dressed, and headed out. I walked up to Fairview. It was cold enough that I wore my sneakers, but I did see people here and there in sandals. But I had a lot of walking to do and it was cold on my hands, so I think I made the right choice. I got the subway and transferred at Yonge. The trip to Bloor was shorter than I remembered it. In the course of it, I ended up surrounded by these four women, one of whom, it seems to me, had been on the train even before the others, but they clearly knew her. How they found her in that particular train and car I don't know. These women switched back and forth between French and unaccented English with the ease of an automatic transmission. It was interesting, if strange.

Anyway, I got off at Bloor and made my way to Hayden. Turns out the ABC is across Church Street. I went in, went downstairs, and there it all was. There's a lot of interesting material down there. I was introduced to a couple of intriguing Bible translations I may eventually follow up on. The NRSV has the whole Apocrypha, and has a version where it's presented in the Catholic format (Susanna and Bel and the Dragon are put into Daniel, for instance). Very cool. I bought a book on the Anglican catechism called "What Anglicans Believe" and another book called "In the Beginning" that's about the creation of the King James Bible and the conditions leading up to it. It's a really good read so far; I'm about 160 pages in, just getting to the point where James commissions the new bible to supersede the Geneva Bible he found too republican. I was at the ABC a little over an hour, and $40 later, I left to go home. This was about 12:45.

I got on the subway on the same side. Bad move; that sent me southbound again. I couldn't easily switch to the northbound train till Union Station. Oh, well. I had my books. So I got to Fairview about an hour after leaving the ABC. I bought the chicken curry and lentil soup at Fit for Life and a couple shots of the frozen yogurt at Cultures, and when I left the mall, it was 2:00. Lunch was good. I really enjoyed it. I spent the afternoon just quietly reading "In the Beginning".

Sunday, Roc came by around 11. About noon, we went to Swiss Chalet. We both had the Santa Fe chicken sandwich, him with a potato and me with a salad (he had a salad for starters and I had the soup). We shared a bottle of White Zinfindel, and then had the frozen yogurt. It was his treat; cost him about $70. It was a really nice afternoon.

I had a couple of encouraging signs of spring, despite it all. At Swiss Chalet, I caught a glimpse of a guy about my age in sandals and peddle pushers, so I'm not the only guy who likes them. Also, Roc had to go to Aurora to get his mom and sister, so I suggested showing him how to get to the 404. As we drove up Leslie, I saw a woman walking barefoot up the sidewalk with her sandals in her hand. I was pleased by both of these occurrences. Maybe I'll be a little freer myself this summer.

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