Monday, May 16, 2005

Sculpting in cyberspace

Ugh... how long will it be before "cyberspace" is one of those eye-rolling anachronisms from a naive age? Is it already? I don't know what other word to use yet. So we're stuck with it, you and I.

What I'd like to do here is just talk a little about my wanderings. Nothing big or fancy. Just something to remind myself where I've been, what I saw. If other people come by and find it interesting, so much the better. Just sort of starting out here. I don't even know what's possible yet. I'll work it out as I go along.

I'm kind of here because I stumbled across Laura K's We Move to Canada blog a few nights ago, and I feel kind of strange posting anonymous comments there. I figured I should probably have an ID of some kind. But what to do with the blog? Well, I've always wanted to kind of showcase the personal-interest research I've done into the city and some of its places and the way it's changed, so maybe I'll give that a whirl. I don't know how much room the blog affords people graphically, but maybe it'll be the start of something fun to do. Who knows? I'll just roll with it for now. :)

1 comment:

L-girl said...

Allow me to be your first commenter. Exploring cities is a great interest of mine, so I look forward to reading about your wanderings, and seeing where your blog leads you.

For graphics, you might want to download Hello. It's free and it lets you easily post photos.

Also, thanks for your comments on wmtc, I have really enjoyed them.