Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cheers mate! No problemo amigo!

What with the World Cup going on and all, cars with flags of the various participating nations are everywhere. On my way back to work after a lunchtime outing, I actually saw a car sporting both the flag of England and the flag of Argentina!

...Does this mean all's forgiven vis-a-vis the Falklands War? :)


Polt said...

We were in Toronto one year for the final between France and Brazil. ohmiGOD it was CRAZY! I've never SEEN such madness!

dudes...its just a soccer game...sheesh. :P

Lone Primate said...

I'm dreading a win by any of Brazil, Italy, Portugual, or Iran, any of which has the potential to snarl traffic for days in some part of the city.