Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ignorance Is Strength... NOT

According to The Globe and Mail this morning, Liberal MPs Maria Minna and Hedy Fry, possibly speaking for others, take issue with fellow Liberal MP Wajid Khan agreeing to advise Prime Minister Harper on Middle East issues.  They are calling it a conflict of interest and demanding his resignation: either from the post, or the Liberal caucus.

Since when is rising above partisanship in the name of the nation a conflict of interest?

Wajid Khan was judged the best person for the job in a matter of grave importance to our country at this time in our history, and I think the Prime Minister has done well to recognize talent outside his caucus, and Khan to risk the slings and arrows he apparently now has to face for agreeing to help out.

What do Minna and Fry see?  Not someone making an extraordinary gesture that may (thank to the likes of people like them) hobble his political career; no: they see a quisling who is propping up the sagging support of the Harper government.  They would sooner see this nation rudderless than the wrong captain pilot it through the storm.  Their attitude repulses me.  On an issue of substantive import to all Canadians, they selfishly put party before country.  If anyone ought to resign, I suggest they are the ones who’ve demonstrated themselves unworthy of sitting in the House of Commons and conducting the business of Confederation.

I am no fan of the Tory government or party.  I’ve been a fairly consistent Liberal voter all my adult life, who is waiting for some more socially-progressive government to replace the current one.  But were either Maria Minna or Hedy Fry running in my riding, I would have a hard time voting for them.  Their attitudes represent the worst in Canadian partisanship.

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