Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Israel's pretty mirrors

I have this from an email correspondent, in response to an article by Uri Avnery I sent him yesterday...
There seems to be increasing discontent over the war with Lebanon in Israel, though one suspects part of the motivation is the lack of success of said war. Had the IDF swept Hezbollah from southern Lebanon and forced the government in Beirut to kowtow, there would probably have been little protest in Tel Aviv.

Still, what really made me feel queasy was something I saw on TV about a week ago. I was watching a local Toronto channel I don't normally tune in to, and saw a paid message from some Jewish NGO. It spoke of the tens of thousands of lives that had been up uprooted by the thousands of rockets launched into Israel by Hezbollah, the terrible destruction, and the urgent need of donations to help an afflicted nation during its desparate struggle. I wanted to throw up. Granted, people have been killed and homes destroyed, but relative to a single Luftwaffe bombing of London circa 1941, the damage is miniscule. Israel may be at war with neighboring commando groups, but the struggle in no way overtaxes its resources, especially considering the billions Israel quietly pockets from the U.S. every year. What of the tens of thousands of homeless Israel has created in Lebanon, or the massive physical destruction of neighborhoods and essential infrastructure there? Well, that doesn't matter I suppose. They are only Arabs, and not the Chosen People. Meanwhile, sources I've read tell me that Israel is the least generous of all developed nations when it comes to aiding the less advantaged of the world. Somehow the Israelis feel no shame whatsoever demanding handouts to maintain their shopping mall existence in the midst of poverty, then turn their backs at the sight of genuine need. Just why should we help these people? Are they not actually rich? Powerful? Competitive in world markets and influential in the forum of nations? Is it just because of Adolf Hitler that we must back Israel, regardless of how it seems dead set on a confrontation that could very well lead to a new holocaust?

But I forget. He who sits in the White House is looking forward to Armageddon. Only when a new Israeli empire arises and converts to Christianity, can the ultimate war between God and Satan come about. Then, when the sane and sensitive decompose in the rubble of civilization destroyed, Little Georgie can float up to heaven like a baloon full of nitrous, and go to his great reward with the millions of other equally vacuous Born Again.

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