Tuesday, August 01, 2006

License to kill

A commenter over at Not the Country Club has, in just a few words, inadvertantly summed up the situation in the Middle East (Not the Country Club: "Palestinian lives are nothing, Israeli lives everything")... he said that "Israel has got a license to kill".

That struck me like thunder. That's exactly what what Israel has. It's been granted by the US, who arms and supports Israel financially and diplomatically, and is seconded by so much of the West for whom any hint of criticism of Israel automatically brings with it the fear of condemnation as anti-Semitism — perhaps the most effective means of pseudo-decapitation since McCarthy started applying the word "Communist" to anyone who championed free thought and inquiry. Yes, we in the West have stamped Israel and everything it does with the double-O seal of approval. Canada's own prime minister is willing to wink at the IDF murders of our civilian citizens and UN soldiers in Lebanon, rather than appear to be hard on Israel. We've granted Israel a license to kill, and the means to use it. And we have the gall to wonder where terrorism comes from.

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