Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Caecilius song

When I was in grade ten, I took a year of basic Latin. Nerdfodder, I know, but I had a great time. I loved it. We were using a set of short, illustrated texts from Cambridge University. The central character was a patrician named Lucius Caecilius Iucundus. ...Funny I can still remember that... I remember on my first day pronouncing it "sesillious". It's actually "keye-KEE-lee-us". Anyway, that was the year UB40 did their version of Red, Red Wine, which I think is originally by Neil Diamond. I like Neil Diamond, but man, is their version ever better than his (but to even the score, Neil Diamond's version of Suzanne trumps its original version by Leonard Cohen. Now I just need to find something of UB40's that's better done by Leonard Cohen and everyone's even). Now, the song has nothing at all to do with Roman times, or Roman music, or Pompeii, or anything at all. But because of when I heard it, I've always associated it with Caecilius. I just put the song on, and the thing that's always bugged me about it is how murky some of the lyrics are. I decided to look them up on the net.

Well, they got it wrong, but it's close enough that I can piece together the rest. Now I never had a problem with the chorus, but it "meat" of the song was always tricky. To me it sounded like:

[Indistinct, but sounds like] Butterfly
Can be time
Thoughts of you leave my head
I was wrong,
Now I find
That just one thing helps me forget...

But based on what I saw on the net, it seems it goes:

I'd have sworn
That with time
Thoughts of you'd leave my head.
I was wrong,
Now I find
That just one thing makes me forget...

I mean, the song's about a guy getting drunk to get over someone, so I knew it had to be something like that. It's just nice to know. So the song has two nice feelings. It takes me back all those years to a class and a subject I enjoyed, and it's one of those sweet wallow-in-self-pity songs.

That fellow I mentioned a while back, the other friend of Jody's who's taking his death really hard... his most recent LJ entry is about getting drunk over things. I don't know. I reached out to him, didn't get much of a response, and four months later... well, I haven't forgotten either, but I talk to Jody's dad almost every day, and while Jody comes up a lot (naturally enough), he's not obsessed. He lost his beloved son, but he still has a life, other children, a woman he adores. But maybe that's the difference. Maybe Jody was all this guy had...

I don't think that would make Jody very happy. :(

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