Sunday, October 31, 2004

Down In -- make that on -- the Park

That park I found in September, the conservation area... it's definitely closed now. Which sucks, because it was a reasonably warm week and I would have liked to do just a little more hiking. No dice. I went out there Tuesday; there were a million billion junior high school kids there. Buses and everything. Some sort of games or competition going on. Doesn't make for a contemplative walk in the woods, so I left it to them. Wednesday, I went out there after work, about 5 or so. Park closed to vehicles. Maybe it's just in the evenings, I thought. Went back Thursday at lunch. Same bunch of kids. So, I thought I'd give it one more whirl on Friday. No kids. No me, either: park closed to vehicles. That's during the day. So I guess that's that till spring. Ah, well.

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