Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday's update

Well, let's see. My friend Dave was up from Rochester for the weekend. That was cool; we watched some movies, had a bite with P-Doug and G at the Mongolian place.

Yesterday, I got my car back. Actually, it was ready on Friday, but the auto repair shop said that my insurance company hadn't received third party liability confirmation, so I was (temporarily) on the hook for the $500 deductable. Well, I don't have $500 just lying around to hand someone, even temporarily. My credit card is inactivated and I like to keep it that way. It's there if I need it, absolutely need it, but this didn't sound absolute; it sounded more like "get it straightened out", you know. So I told them I couldn't get it Friday; I'd have to get it Monday. Well, Monday did the trick. Before noon yesterday, they had it all worked out. The insurance company didn't want to keep paying for the rental, and the auto shop needed my John Hancock, so between them et al., they got it done. I picked up the car last night. Okay, call me selfish, but I don't feel like I should be out of pocket, even for a few days, for an accident that wasn't my fault.

It's supposed to be warm this week. I'm thinking of a couple trips to the conservation centre, a couple more barefooted walks in the woods before the cold really sets in. The park might be closed by now. I'll have to see.

* * * * *

I was thinking of Jody while I was getting ready for work this morning. I remember when he had cancer how much he used to look forward to going to work. He'd really get charged up about it. I suppose, when you're sick, and potentially fatallly so, anything with a semblance of normalcy about it is welcome. It must have given him hope. It gave me hope, whenever he went in. It was like, 'yes, things are bad, but look, he's doing the normal, everyday stuff we all do, so it can't be that bad..."

Maybe I'm not being fair, though. Jody always got a kick out of his job, long before he got sick. He was a programmer, and from what I'm told, an exceptional one. I can remember him boasting about the compliments he got. That was unusual for him. Jody was pretty down on himself a lot of the time. His folks went through a rough break-up and I think it really affected how he saw himself and his self-worth. His job, and his co-workers, really helped him break out of that. Especially once he got cancer and he saw the depths of their caring for him, and the lengths they were prepared to go for him.

It should have turned out differently, you know. It really should have.

On the way into work this morning, just as I was coming onto the 404, Yellow by Coldplay started up. The tears started up, especially at the "skin and bones" part. It was bittersweet, very bittersweet. But mostly sweet. Oddly enough, yesterday, as I was driving down Warden to drop off the rental car, the same station played Boys of Summer by Don Henley. That started the waterworks up too. I really want him to be around. I miss him, just talking about nothing, knowing he's there. I miss his Dad, too, still down there in Mexico. I hope he gets back soon.

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