Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7th, a year come and gone

Well, here it is. June 7th. A year ago today, Jody died. I guess as I write this, he was still with us a year ago, but obviously in a very bad way. Sometime between 9 and 10 in Dallas that morning, he woke up in distress, tried to call his roommates, and collapsed on the floor. Timber found him and tried to resuscitate him, in vain. Jody's Uncle Jesse thinks it was Jody's liver finally giving out, since he says Jody's body was jaundiced. I know there was a big tumor there.

It still amazes me and frightens me how sudden it was. Not just Jody's death itself, but the course of his cancer. I can still remember him telling me, online, that he felt a disturbing pain in his side... I was there (if you see what I mean). That was very late in October or early November of 2003... it's hard to remember exactly. And then, early in June, with all these tumors, gone. Fine in the fall, gone before summer. And only 26.

I knew him about ten years, and now a whole year's gone by without him in my life. There were gaps in the conversation early on... I'd say our correspondence was pretty spotty from about 1998-2000, but never more than a few weeks at a time, I don't think. Once we were both on the net during the day, things really took off again. I thought it would be this way for years. It should have been.

Jody deserves more than this, but today promises to be a busy day of meetings (one rather early that I'm not looking forward to with my boss), so I really need to close off for now and get rolling. I need to think about things, try to consider what's changed. Hopefully I'll get back to this later today or this evening.

Peace, Jody. Peace and love.

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