Friday, March 04, 2011

John Lennon and his what??

I had a weird dream last night; the first dream I’m able to remember in quite a while. I was out at a mall with Larry and we passed this kind of kitschy, junky storefront. There was a little TV there running an ad for these weird, cartoony Beatles action figures. The ad was kind of light and 60s-style and some guy was singing a little ditty about each of the figures, including the following:

“…John Lennon, and his phallus…”

I kid you not. So Larry and I both looked at each other, laughing our heads off, and started going through the figures. We found some, ostensibly of John, but they looked instead more like Albert Einstein or Mark Twain (I guess it was John in disguise, like in Yellow Submarine). The figure was posed like an Oscar statue, and sure enough, there clutched in his hands was a large, black, rubber dildo. Well, it was hilarious, and we had to have a couple. Larry shelled out, using his bank card. But instead of $7.14, the girl put in $714 (I have no idea why I remember the number so exactly), and he didn’t notice till sometime later when we were in a restaurant (a sort of faux 1950s greasy spoon with high tone 21st century prices) and he looked at the receipt and started freaking out that he wouldn’t be able to pay his share of the rent. He went off to find the salesgirl and somehow she wound up in the restaurant with us. She was a plump, good-looking 20-something with freckles and short reddish hair (kind of a grown-up Peppermint Patty, I guess), a good sport about it all, and she and Larry started flirting and getting into one another. I remember starting to feel jealous of them and like a third wheel. Well, there you go; my dose of surrealism for the night. :)

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