Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weird stuff

Okay, so last night I had a dream I woke up from. Nothing spectacular, but interesting enough I thought I’d record it. I was on the street in someplace that was supposedly the neighbourhood I live in, but it looked more like something closer to downtown. Crowded tree-lined streets that wandered just a bit. I was carrying a huge load of laundry in my arms. A young woman wanted to know how to get to Kennedy Road. I knew it was parallel to the street we were on, but I was disoriented and had to ask a passerby which way was south. Orienting myself, I could direct her to Sheppard Avenue, and then to Kennedy. I think she got the gist of it because she thanked me and started in that direction, but I followed after her, lugging my laundry, telling her more than she needed to know about getting there. She finally said good-bye and gave me a parting shot I couldn’t quite get, but took for “Nice puppy,” which was weird because I didn’t have a dog. But when I looked down, there was a bold, orangey-coloured chipmunk at my feet, striped, almost like some kind of jungle cat. And when it stood on its back feet and leaned on my knee, I was surprised by how large it was… the size of a cat. It let me pet it, though I had no food to give it. I had the vague sense it would be a pet for me from then on, and that’s when I woke up, needing to visit another room for a few moments. :)

Now here’s a waking one. I’ve been listening to an audio book about the turbulent romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Yesterday morning, the narrator said something about letters Burton wrote to her that she apparently never answered, but “she treasured for the rest of her life”. That sounded like the kind of remark you make about someone who’s already dead, but I was pretty sure she was still alive. So when I got into work, I checked on Wikipedia and, sure enough, they gave her death date. Then I noticed it was this month, this year. Then I noticed it was recent. Then I noticed, OMG, that’s today! She died yesterday, March 23. And there it was, already written up on Wikipedia. Now that, that was weird.

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