Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The latest 15

I remember hearing somewhere that men, reputedly, think about sex every 15 seconds. I highly doubt that's true, but all the same...

Today I was contacted by a former co-worker who likes to get together to compare career trajectories from time to time. It's been over a year since we've sat down to this. It's always lunch, but this time it's dinner on a weekend. Me being a man, I indulge myself in a pleasant little fantasy that we are about to embark on an affair.

We're not, of course. She's extremely married, with two kids who constitute about 80% of her conversation. While she enjoys a decorous bon mot, in truth, she's so demure that it's hard to conceive (pun intended) of how she acquired two children in the first place. Perhaps under lettuce leaves in the garden?

Nevertheless, brief flashes of the tall, unrestrained Amazon bursting free of layers of WASP plaster-of-Paris do smolder, almost smokelessly, in the back of my distracted mind. LOL :)

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