Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like old times

I worked late this evening to try and get ahead on some stuff; took the bus home just to see what it was like. Might be interesting to start taking it home and walking up my street. I might even take it to work, catching the route, 85, at Don Mills Station. Might give that a whirl tomorrow morning and see what I think.

Anyway, I got home about quarter after six. I had plans of roaming to my new neighbourhood to see what's in the little plaza across the street. I started supper (now half-cooked in the fridge), and I was just going down the hall to see if I could interested Larry in the drive when I met him on his way out to see friends. But they really weren't expecting him till later, so to my surprise he agreed to come with me.

We were driving down our street and turning to take a side road to Don Mills Road, and he was talking about how they make fun of Justin Bieber songs at work. We both burst into peals of laughter when he brought up a Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" poster and joked about changing it to "Justin Bieber: Never Say Beaver". He went on to suggest "Never See Beaver", but he said "you just know he's getting laid". It was hilarious. It made me feel like old times. It's not that we don't have a laugh around here every so often... it's just it had that feeling of 'before' about it... back when I'd see him a few times a month instead of every day. It made me a little wistful.

So, we got to the plaza, and saw what was there. Not all that much of use to me, but it does have a drug store and a discount grocery store about five minutes from my front door, so I'm not complaining. But the place has been there since the mid-1960s, and I imagine scores of businesses have been in and out of it over the years. I pointed out my new place to Larry, standing at one end of the plaza; you could just see the unit between another building the steeple of the church. I think I'll always remember that.

Just to have a look, we got back in the car and checked out the larger mall a couple of minutes away. It's got a few more amenities, like a stationery store and liquor store (not much use to me at the moment, but at least I know it's handy). It's about a ten minute walk from my place, and given how busy the parking lot's been every time I've been there, walking is how I'll be going to it, I think. Last Saturday when SC and I were trying to work out an offer for my new place, we tried to get to the Tim Horton's there (it's always Tim Horton's, isn't it?) and we couldn't find a spot! Well, that's not really true; there were a few on the east side, but I figure he thought it was too far to walk. That's how we wound up at the satellite office in the industrial park.

Well, Larry and I had a quick look around the east end of the mall, then bailed and went to Wendy's, bringing the stuff home. As I write this, he's out with his buddies.


While I'm here I think I'd like to remind myself about Monday, the day I took off work to get some financial ducks in a row. Really, that was out of the way by 11 or so... not long after. I had to get stuff for the cats, so I drove down the 404 to the DVP. Dummmmmb. The interchange southbound at the 401 was, as always, a clusterfuck. I don't know why I keep insisting on trusting my luck with that. It took me about ten minutes to get past it, and I immediately got off the DVP at York Mills Road, my first opportunity to exit, and then headed south down Leslie. Got the cat litter, etc., down on Eglinton, then picked up stuff at Wendy's (yeah, yeah, I eat there a lot... grilled chicken sandwiches and chili, usually), and went home. I worked on my blog here, trying to work up the guts to call the real estate lawyer, and then finally did later in the afternoon. Nothing special... I just wanted to remind myself what I did that day.

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