Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More milestones

Well, today it's official. I've got a mortgage. I was in to see DD today and it's all signed off. I've declined the life insurance -- anyone who survives me can sell the place and pocket whatever equity's in it; I won't care -- but I've signed on for insurance in case anything happens to me that I survive... injury, illness, job loss. It's $74 a month or so but it's also some piece of mind.

Also today my agent, SC, was sent the assessment from the building, which he dropped off with the lawyer, NW. I've been told NW will likely contact me tomorrow about his findings. Hopefully everything's okay. I'd hate to have to start all this rolling again for some other place now. I've kind of emotionally invested myself in the new location and what it means for my lifestyle and transit. I expect it'll be fine, though.

Naturally when I was out with P-Doug on the weekend we got talking about it all. He suggested rather than trying to do everything in just four days at the end of May, why not rent the place one more month and use June to move things over? June will be paid for here as last month's rent, and I'll make my first mortgage payment June 10th, so there's no overlap. It does mean another month's rent out of my pocket instead of into savings, but the sanity-saver of four more weeks (if I need them) to transition seems worth it.

It's hard to imagine walking out of this place and locking the door behind me for the last time, after ten years. Though I've only rented it, this is the first place that was ever really "mine", and when I look around, I see myself. It fits like an old shoe. I'll miss it. But I'm still looking forward to having something that really is mine.

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