Saturday, August 14, 2004

At your elbow

Max, the male cat of my household (Bonnie being the female) is literally at my elbow. He's lying on the bed, touching me, watching TV, or looking in its general direction. Maybe he likes Exodus.

Max is a lot like a dog. He's awfully friendly, comes when he's called a lot of the time, flops around at my feet, comes to the door when I come home, and likes to be in whatever room I'm in. Now I've always believed cats were barely social creatures who put up with a certain number of humans in their lives because we fed them and they grew fond of us. Max seems to like humans generally. Bonnie's pretty friendly too. My first cat, Jenny, was a little more self-possessed.

Now the funny thing is, neither Bonnie nor Max likes the food I eat. I'm not kidding. God's own truth, Bonnie has never once eaten any of the food I've offered her that was I eating. Max has only once; tuna. And not again. Jenny made a fool of herself, a shameless little ebony beggar, for cheese, Cheez Whiz, milk, bacon, and especially fried halibut... she'd have traded a kidney for that, I'm sure... but Max and Bonnie could not possibly care less about the food I'm eating. So what am I left to conclude? For some reason, Max simply likes human beings.

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Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled! Max is just spending time with you because your his pet human! As for the food, would you eat pet food? Well neither would he!