Sunday, August 22, 2004

Creationism is an insult to God

In the course of the story I'm currently writing, which features as its central characters the descendants of lemurs, eight million years or so from now, it dawns on me that the "image of God" and the "children of God" can't be physical descriptions. They have to be descriptions of any being capable of perceiving the fundamental laws of the universe, without regard to their physical form.

Creationists rail on about how it's insulting to God to deny the literal nature of the Bible. I think the Bible, in particular the King James Bible (despite my Catholicism) is a magnificent, seminal piece of human literature. If I could pass only a half dozen books down to future generations, rest assured the KJV, as a general code to ethics and an example of the particular beauty of the English language (among other human languages, of course) would be on that list. But I believe the Bible is allegorical. I'd like to believe it is at least vaguely inspired by the divine spark. Perhaps it is not the WHOLE truth, but it contains enough IMPORTANT truths to warrant our attention. It pleases me to believe there is a God, one so all-encompassing that He/She (there is no appropriate pronoun in English; "It" is impersonal and will not suffice) knows us all and loves us all.

It seems to me that to suggest a being as infinite and powerful as God would be so impatient as to create the world in literally six days, and stack the deck so that ten-fingered, ten-toed primates with almost no fur would be the literal image of His/Her divinity, is insulting. Human parents will tell you "I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, or what colour their eyes or hair are... just so long as it's a healthy, happy child..." But somehow, we're supposed to accept that God Him/Herself is less patient and accepting than any human parent? I don't.

I believe that God created a universe capable of eventually giving rise to beings that would evolve to sentience, and be able to wonder at themselves, the universe, physical laws, and even to guess at the nature of their Creator. God is no hurry. God is infinite. God creates the rules, and then enjoys watching Creation stir to consciousness, grow, wonder, love, fall, redeem, strive... finally to return to God. Evolution is God's way of saying "I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, or what colour their eyes or hair are... just so long as it's a healthy, happy child..." If you are a Creationist, all I can say is, you've grossly underestimated your Creator. Think again.

Adieu. :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow man, you must have been on some good shit to think such deep toughts!