Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh, more gas pains!

So this morning it's back at 65.5¢. This flip-flopping on prices doesn't even make sense. Shouldn't it be high in the morning when people have to go to work, and relaxed in the evening when the demand is lower? I must be missing some insight on human motivation.


Anonymous said...

No If they become predictable, people will wait end only fill up on cheap time. this way if you dont top off when its low... you never know if your going to see it again low when your empty!

Lone Primate said...

And yet!
But it is predictable, though... it's been 65.5 every morning now for days. Who knows what it'll hit during the day or come the evening? But in the mornings, it's been dropping back to the same level. This is likely the "true" price/cost of gasoline at the moment. The rest is gouging and the government ought to step in. I don't know why people put up with this. If bread were $1.57 in the morning and $2.59 at lunchtime, or a sandwich were $5.99 at 11:30 and $7.69 at 1:30, people'd be going nuts. Why is gas any different? How have we been conditioned to accept this?