Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gas pains

I was just out at lunch time, and for no reason at all that I can perceive, gas is 83.3¢/L at the moment. It was 65.5 when I left for work this morning.

I used to say, "never mind the lawyers, let's put all the insurance people against the wall first when the Revolution comes". Now I think I'll put the gas companies ahead of them in line.

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Anonymous said...

Last Friday,
I'm in the McD at YorkMills/Leslie and from my seat I see the PetroCan sign aoutside... I noticed the price was 65.5 and tought to myself... Wow I gotta tank up! 10 bites of salad later I look up... 81.5. Who the hell are they kidding, I cant wait for a freaking company to stand up tho the giant oil conglomerate and put out the freaking Hydrogen cell... Power from Water and no pollution to boot. Too bad Big Oil is so rich and has managed to keep any developpement int hat field to ever seeing the light of day. Cause you know the technology is there... its just that whoever gets too close to a marketable solution either gets bought out or mysteriously and quietly ends up dead. And with governement collusion we never even hear about it... Nice what our gas money buys!
And dont get me talking about Pharmaceutical giants! Ever wondered why millions get poured in research but very little actual CURES come out... Come on... There is money to be made in treating illness, there is no money to be made in irradication!
I tell you, Conspiracies are everywhere! Did we ever really land on the moon? Did JFK get assasinated by the CIA or the Mob? Is elvis really dead?