Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My long weekend (not yours -- MINE!)

I can't remember what I did Saturday. Nothing. I think that's the problem. In the evening, I went out with P-Doug and G to Swiss Chalet and had the soup and sandwich dealie. I love that kind of thing. I guess my tastes are pretty simple. I do know that elsewhere that day, Jody's mom's family were having a private memorial service for him in Albuquerque, burying part of his ashes in the family plot, with a headstone featuring two cheetahs drawn by me. The most important artwork I've ever done.

Sunday was good. I drove down to P-Doug and G's place, and P-Doug and I took the subway downtown. I got a new pipe down there, and we took in some of the animation at the NFB boutique. One of the vignettes was about Fort Prince of Wales, which was built at the mouth of the Churchill River in the early 1700s. The thing that surprised us both was apparently it was surrendered to the French briefly in 1782. Were we at war with France in 1782? Ah, wait, yes, we were... they were on the American side in the Revolution, and that didn't technically end until 1783. There's the answer. I'll have to tell P-Doug. :)

After that, we had lunch an a couple beers, then headed uptown to what turned out to be a sex shop. Not that he told me this. We just wandered inside. He made certain marital purchases while I milled around like some sort of ingenue who'd never seen breasts before, and we left. I was reminded of the time, years ago, he and I went shopping for a bra for his wife. Two men, shopping for a plus-size bra, and me weighing about 300 lbs and having generous man-tits at the time... you can just imagine.

Yesterday, I met up with P-Doug once again, and we saw The Manchurian Candidate (the new remake), which I'll describe in another posting. We got together with his wife, G, and I had lots of beer, and chicken curry over rice, which I love. All in all, not a bad long weekend.

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