Saturday, August 14, 2004

Let 'em all go to hell, except Cave 76

Here's how Saturday is shaping up. I've invited over my friend, Capt. Morgan, in his dark, 12 oz. form, to spend the afternoon with me and about four litres of Diet Pepsi. We're going to watch Exodus, Breakdown, and a couple of other movies I forget now. Just sort of grabbed whatever caught my eye. I'm going to get mellow and while away the day playing Empire Deluxe, cursing and swearing. I just hope I won't do anything dumb like order pizza.

I feel a little bad because I'm kind of breaking a promise I made to myself when I got back from Dallas not to drink alone, but I just want to kick back. It's summer, I've been eating sensibly for the last few weeks, so... a little indulgence.

Earlier I spoke to my friend Roc. Things are a little rough for him. He's part of a rather traditionalist Italian-Canadian family (his folks are immigrants, but he's native), and despite the fact that his mother's health is declining and his dad's in a really bad way from dementia caused by an ongoing number of strokes, his mother won't hear of putting his dad someplace where people can properly care for him. Roc's the most dedicate guy I know personally, but even he's starting to think about heading out on his own... so I can only imagine how rough it really must be. He had a car accident recently in which he was at fault, but he considers the charge (careless driving) excessive and is going to fight for a lesser charge, and I say good for him.

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Anonymous said...

If you drink alone dude. Make sure you do it for entertainment. Dont drink to "fix" a problem, especially that your alone.
I myself as you know drink very little and very infrequently. However, I almost always will drink when I go visit my parents without my significant other. I will usually rent a movie that has no interest for my significant other. I will then go in the basement fridge where my parent keep a stock of beers and coolers for me, or raid my father's wine cellar and have a drink while watching the movie. Ahhhh... since my significant other does not drink. I usually dont drink when she's around (save for a glass or 2 of red when I make pastas). Drinking is a form of entertainment. You just gotta make sure it's not a cruch or a for of medication!