Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comfy Bonnie

Comfy Bonnie, originally uploaded by Lone Primate.

I think, everything considered, this is my favourite picture of Bonnie. It's from three years ago, April 25, 2010. It's at the old place. It was taken the day before I started my new job. Larry was living in my spare room. Max was still alive. We'd just gotten Twinkle and were in the process of that interesting couple of months where I was being awoken by her feral growls at Max two or three times a night, while Bonnie slept by my head.

Wasn't she gorgeous? Can you see the personality and depth in those eyes? She knew me.

She loved me.


jim said...

You can't beat a tortie for captivation.

barefoot hiker said...

I've had two torties now... Twinkle and Bonnie. To me, they're the quintessential female cat. I don't know if I'll ever get another, though. I don't want to blur the memory of Bonnie any more than time itself will.