Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More mixed notes

Well, this morning, I'm waiting a bit to get going. Last night, the car wouldn't start. For the first time ever I called the Kia helpline whose number's been glued to the driver's side window of my last two cars. They sent around CAA. The guy was great. Got the car started, thought maybe the pump wasn't up to it because taking the gas cap off got her going. Followed me to the dealership in Markham where, just off the cuff, they figure it's an undervolt problem in the ignition. Thing was, they had no way to get me home, so I had to take my chances and drive home. Managed to get it started again and parked above ground. Left a note on my car; hope they haven't messed with it. Anyway, I have to see about getting it started again in about half an hour.

Yesterday the financial adviser at the bank emailed me a scan of a filled-out mortgage discharge paper. I printed it, signed it, scanned it, and sent it back. What an age. Banking by Jetson. Still, so much for "paperless". It took at least two pieces of paper to do what one used to to.

In the last few days I've uncorked the cat treats again for Seth and Ally. Last night was the first time in, oh, a couple of months, maybe? that I opened a can of cat food rather than just pouring out the various varieties of hard stuff. It wasn't fair to them, I know, but seeing Bonnie not eat the cat treats she loved and not even lick at the gravy of the canned stuff, something else she really liked, made it all just too real. Besides, even Ally, who was the whole reason I started buying and serving the stuff, had been just going through the motions for a while. Open a can for me! Thanks. Well, I'm tired of this stuff. Just throw it out tonight. I'd had enough of that. Last night, after a couple of months of not having the stuff, they really cleaned the dishes. But I think it'll be once a day from now on, if that.

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