Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer On Four Paws

I noticed this a few days ago on Flickr. It's from November, 2005, as winter was setting in, and it must have been among the first things I put up. I'd pretty much forgotten about it. It's nice to know I already had this kind of regard for her long before we were even half way through our journey together.

Summer On Four Paws, originally uploaded by Lone Primate.

Summer On Four Paws

Awake, asleep, alike

Morning light squeezes through the blinds, spread fine across the ceiling

Her purring is the sunlight on my neck;
The brushing of her tail over my arm,
the aimless spring breeze

At my arm, the whispered promise
of warmth and life reborn
to a land where water's sharp as glass:

She is summer,
sleeping close by.

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