Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last week I bought a glass display table at Ikea and on Friday Larry helped me assemble it. Since then, I've added an LED lamp and a 15" digital picture frame that changes photos of my lost cats, Jody, and Georgette once an hour. Sunday afternoon I moved the urns and photos over, and I put the frame up on Monday evening. Larry brought me the LED bulbs last night and now it's pretty much complete.

Yesterday when after I got home the photo rotated to this one of Bonnie, taken around the time Jenny died, I think. At 15" it was virtually life-sized. I would have thought that would bring me down, but it didn't. It was very nearly like having her around again, in a casual, hey-how-you-doing, I-acknowledge-you-without-much-fuss kind of way. I'm glad now I got the frame. I think it's going to be important in re-enforcing my memories of how Bonnie and Max, in particular, looked an acted. Neither one has been gone even a year yet.

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