Saturday, June 11, 2005

Belch, part one

G's birthday was yesterday, so I met her and P-Doug down at Jawny Baker's, which you see below. Actually, I took this shot on the way out, around 9PM, and cranked the exposure up a couple of notches so it wouldn't be too murky.

Here's the streetfront of Jawny Baker's on O'Connor Drive...

The card I made up a couple of hours ahead of time, that paid tribute to an inside joke involving the occasion P-Doug, in a hurry, bought G an anniversary card titled "To the man I love", went over exceedingly well. They both got an honest laugh out of it.

The restaurant was paying part of the freight for G's meal, since it was her birthday and she's registered there, so they sent her a discount card. They each ordered a steak sandwich; I ordered the Monterrey chicken salad. It came in a tortilla bowl. Pretty neat. I had the presense of mind, about half way through, to take a shot of it. Hell, I brought the camera. A nice, colourful dish, you'll agree, and it made pleasant fare.

Alas, poor salad; I ate it, Horatio...

...Actually, now that I come to look at the photo, it looks like the autopsy of one of those face-huggers from Alien. Okay, trust me. The picture doesn't do it justice. It really was a nice medley of vegetables, salsa, and chicken.

I admit, I feel sorry for the chicken. She didn't ask for this. I hope her family never sees this entry.

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