Sunday, June 12, 2005

Where's the drought?

I'm kind of a thunderstorm person. Whenever I muse about moving to Vancouver (it rarely snows there), friends say, "Oh, yeah, but it rains, you never see the sun." But I always loved the rain. I get creative when the weather's bad (even snowstorms). Something about the oppression of the weather just works that way.

Lately the Weather Network's been promising us thunderstorms here in Toronto on just about a daily basis. But they never come. They never seem to get here. It's like they evaporate along the way or something. We were supposed to have them yesterday. Not a drop; hardly a cloud. Same thing for this morning. It's overcast, but it doesn't feel like rain. How can they be that wrong over less than 24 hours? I thought they had the 72-hour forecast down. They're sure good at calling the snow... they never got that one wrong.

The other thing that's starting to puzzle me is that I don't think I've seen rain at all in weeks. I mean, literally. I cannot remember the last time I drove out and had to put on my windshield wipers or woke up in the middle of the night and heard the rain outside. But everything's green, the trees are doing fine, the lawns look good. Nobody waters all that stuff. So what's going on? Where's it coming from? I can't remember seeing things like this before.

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