Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who'll stop the rain

So I was asking where the rain was...? Well, now I know. Be careful what you ask for!

Tornadoes touch down in Ontario

The weather got pretty interesting yesterday evening around 8 or 8:30. Horizontal rain, trees bending down, couldn't even see into the Don Valley from my balcony. It got strong enough for a while I started wondering if I weren't about to see a twister stroll by. Thankfully, they decided to tour the province a little further to the north.


G said...

... and a bit south also. Got one near London ... not in, but near enough as it was.

We seem to be in the one lucky spot in London that never gets hit. Tilsonburg and Ingersol are pretty much yearly touchdown targets. London seems to escape it all. But we do have the world's worst road management system here. No upkeep - The Pothole City, as I call it.

Tough decision as to which is worse to live with, the yearly threat of tornados, or daily threat of potholes. May have to flip a coin on that one.

Lone Primate said...

I've sussed it. The potholes keep the tornadoes away. :)

G said...

Don't say that. If it gets out, it means they are here to stay and my car (along with my wallet) is fucked. The winter goop (that blue shit that looks like salt but is horribly, corrosively worse) that they slop in excess on the roads here did enough damage as this past winter as it is. Is it any wonder the Thames is one of Canada's most polluted rivers?

Lone Primate said...

Is it any wonder the Thames is one of Canada's most polluted rivers?

Do we have to do everything England does?

...'Cept puppy along to Iraq after Unca Sammy, of course. ;)