Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Da, tovarich!

From e-mail with P-Doug today:

Me: The QA guys have invaded my room here at work. They're led by a guy from Newfoundland called Leslie, but otherwise, to a man (and woman), they're Russians. So yesterday before I left, I went on Altavista and translated "This person needs to learn the Russian language!" into Russian and printed it, and tacked it on his cube. The Russians all got a laugh out of it (I had fun listening to them explain it to him this morning), and one Russian woman, not even his group, came up to me today and congratulated me on the joke. Leslie's decided to leave the page up. :)

P-Doug: When Leslie is not looking, replace the sign with one that has the Russian translation of "This person is proud of his three testicles!" and see if he notices. If the Russians can't keep a poker face, who can?

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